The birth of Yaleye-Fish

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The birth of Yaleye-Fish

As a child growing up I always would be trying to improve on the product that I was playing with.

My remote control car was not fast enough. So I took it apart, cut the engine out and replaced it with another larger motor (my mother hated her blender anyway).

It was so fast that it drove right thru the back room window! “Always trying to build a better mouse trap," my dad would say to me!

That is why my company has become what it is today.

I required better, stronger and more durable equipment. Equipment that I would have complete confidence in when the big one decided to hit!

The Yaleye name was actually was my wife's idea.

We were trying to come up with a name for our boat. The name had to incorporate our last name and fishing.

Think…. Think …. Think… “Walleye slayer?" Definitely not original!

“I just what to beat Mike?" Nope... Mike will get mad!

Then my wife says, "What about “Yaleye"? “Yal" for Yalowica (my last name) and “eye“ for walleye?

So, the Yaleye name was born!